Contact Us

We do not currently give out our telephone number at this time to people we don't know. We're working on adding a business line, but in the meantime, the best way to contact Blake is directly via social media or postal mail.

Twitter @sansevieriafilm.

Facebook @blakenicholashutchison or @sansevieriamedia 


Sansevieria Media Group

PO Box 266

East Liberty, OH 43319-0266 USA

If you are trying to contact Blake Hutchison directly, this is also the correct mailing address. Blake currently does not have an agent.

*We do not currently accept unsolicited screenplays.

Please make sure you're contacting the right person!

Sansevieria Media Group is the website of filmmaker Blake Hutchison, who directed the 2005 motion picture "Finding a Dream" and hosts "Uncensored with Blake Hutchison," NOT Blake Hutchinson, who directed the 2015 film "Mom" and is not currently affiliated with Sansevieria Media Group. It's not a spelling error where one person has two IMDb pages. We are two completely different people! 

Remember "Hutch Is On" if you want the guy who runs Sansevieria Media Group, and you'll be fine...if you're trying to reach the other guy with the similar name, we recommend you check his IMDb page for more information, as we do not currently have any.