Completed Projects

Uncensored with Blake Hutchison - Season 1

Episodes approximately 20 to 90 minutes each
WARNING: The Election Day Episode contains more uses of the F-word than Swearnet the Movie, which only used it 935 times.

Eleven Hours Left (2016)

It's not the end of the world...there's still 11 more hours...and you could be bitten by vampire zombies before the asteroid hits the earth.

Shot for the 3 Hour Film Festival in East Liberty, Ohio

Like Water for Vodka (2016)

This short motion picture is brought to you by the Bottled Water industry...what's in your bottle?
DISCLAIMER: No actual alcoholic beverages were consumed or on set during the making of this motion picture.

Vigilante Sayonara (2014)

2 minutes 30 seconds
A criminal defense attorney who got a child killer acquitted on a technicality, is caught by the little girl's angry, deranged father... 

Wyatt and the Matchmaker (2007)

One of several of Blake's student films from his days at the University of Toledo, and one of three currently available to the public.


Finding a Dream (2005)

Approximately 81 minutes

The first Sansevieria motion picture, back when we were called "Sansevieria Productions." Cast almost entirely with actors and actresses who were living in Logan or Union County, Ohio at the time, with a few from Columbus.

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